Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome To My Site For Delicious Peanut-Free Goodies!

Thanks for visiting this page! A few friends have asked if I was making goodies this year and have suggested I have a web site. So here I am with an informal site so you can see what I offer. This is a busy time of year and not everyone has the time or energy to bake or dip. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love to be in the kitchen. Let me help you!

Here you will find a price list for specialty holiday items including home-made chocolates, candy, truffles, pops, pies, breads, cookies, and dipped pretzels. This year I am also including hand-crafted goat's milk soap and a line of children soaps.

For those of you who don't know me, my daughter Grace has a severe peanut allergy. I began working with chocolate shortly after her diagnosis to insure she would never go without wonderful sweets. I know all too well the frustrations of parents searching for fun and tasty candies at this time of year. All of my chocolates and candies are 100% peanut/nut free and come from a peanut-free home.

Don't forget to check out the slideshow so you can see all the goodies!

All orders can be customized. Drop me a line and let me know what you're looking for and I can make a special, one of a kind gift for you! All orders come wrapped in festive cellophane and ribbon perfect for teachers, co-workers, family, neighbors, and friends. Orders can be customized to fill party platters or designed as host/hostess gifts. I'm happy to ship and all orders go out 2 day priority.

Truffles: Minimum order one dozen. $12.00
Chocolate Raspberry
Cookies and Cream
*NEW* Candy Cane

Solid Chocolate Pieces: Come in a variety of holiday shapes and sizes-perfect for the stocking! .50 cents a piece.

Chocolate Pops: Wrapped in cellophane with ribbon. $1.00 a piece.

Chocolate Pretzels: Sticks or traditional shape. Minimum order 1 dozen. $7

Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate
Drizzle and sprinkles included!

Holiday Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers: graham crackers dipped in chocolate with holiday sprinkles. 12 for $15

Holiday Chocolate Covered Oreos: Oreos dipped in chocolate and decorated with holiday sprinkles. 12 for $16

Fudge: 1 pound for $8.00

Holiday Peppermint Bark: 1 pound for $8.00

Breads: $8 a loaf. Can be split into 4 mini-breads.
Banana Walnut
Banana Gingerbread
Cranberry Walnut
Orange Cranberry
Apples and Cinnamon

Pies: $10.00

Creamy Goat Milk Bars (scented or unscented): $6.00
Kid's Bars scented cotton candy (in blue or pink): $4.00

Gift Ideas:
Mug of chocolate covered pretzels with festive sprinkles and drizzle presented in a sweet holiday mug: $12.00

Mug of Pops: $12.00

Baskets of Goodies: Mix and match your favorites and I'll customize it for you!

Mini bread loafs: Packaged in ceramic, holiday-themed pans. Minimum order 4: $13.00